#1 Most Important thing to NEVER do and 5 Bonus Tips

The #1 Most important thing that successful real estate investor must never do:  Stop Learning!

Never, ever stop learning!

Zig Ziglar is quoted as saying “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” 

This quote inherently speaks to learning.  Aptitude is the natural ability to do something.  Well what do we do when we can’t “naturally” do it?  

Sometimes it just doesn’t come easy or we just don’t know it…yet.  If we can always add that keyword “yet” on the end, we can accomplish anything — we can learn anything! 

The attitude of a learner is powerful and an imperative trait for massive success.  

Here are 5 Tips for developing the Attitude of a Learner:

  1. Be curious – especially about people and their unique experiences.
  2. Be humble and open to learning – I hate to ruin the surprise but I don’t know it all, and neither do you (sorry) 🤷‍♂️.
  3. Make a habit of study – just a short 10 minutes a day on your industry or Biggest Dream.
  4. Be Grateful – all positive attitude strategies are rooted in gratitude for blessings and opportunity.
  5. Add “yet” – don’t know something, no problem.  I always tell my son it’s not his fault if he don’t know it yet, but it is his responsibility to learn.

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Pro Tip: Are you a fast mover, driven, impatient 🤣?  You can adjust the watch speed in the setting bar to match your pace.  Alignment is key!