The Rent House Millionaire Journey

What if you had the inside track to see how the magician does all his tricks... We pull back the curtain on Real Estate Investing so you can see exactly how we do it.

It's easier to smile when there's money in the bank!
Kyle O'Keefe
Rent House Millionaire

Coaching from a Coach

Kyle O'Keefe is the founder and lead instructor of Rent House Millionaire. Kyle's journey in real estate investing has spanned nearly two decades, but he has been coaching and teaching even longer. Originally a school teacher and youth sports coach, Kyle made the transition to real estate investing and built a multi-million dollar investment business that continues to grow today.

Kyle is excited to pull back the curtain and show you his business from start to finish.  It is the true nature of a coach to 1st go and be successful, and then to reach back and teach the process to others.  After great success in real estate investing over the years, including reaching financial freedom at 38 years old, Kyle is now ready to share his entire business and help others go after their biggest dreams and goals.

Kyle is a family man with 4 kids and a wonderful wife.  Kyle and family reside in Texas.  Kyle’s passions are family, sports, and travel.  His purpose is to be a great provider, help people transform their lives, and put smiles on faces.  


“As a true beginner to investment real estate, I was super nervous and overwhelmed about… well everything. There were a ton of different YouTube gurus who all seemed to teach and operate on old dogma that felt very generalized and not tailored for me. Kyle’s courses alleviated me of that hesitation and frustration and helped me find confidence in the investment game. He teaches you a long term plan to generate income in real estate while also offering real life personal examples that reaffirm and reinforce his principles behind investing. He’s honest and won’t lead you down a path he wouldn’t walk for himself. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a coach in this tough industry to give Kyle a call. You will not be disappointed.”
Samuel Awolope
From Houston, USA