START SECTION 1: Understanding The Flip

In this first Section of The Flip Manual, we set out the basic understanding of a Flip. This section focuses on making sure we know the major objective so we can stay on track and be successful.

We start with laying out a clear picture of business strategy and process.

We use this first Section to train our mindset for the Flip. From day 1 until the day the money hits our bank account, we layout a proven step by step plan that can allow us to maximize profit.

The Flip Manual focus is on capturing CASH as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Here we go…


Do not rush this Section. This is the foundational principles of the Flip. Take your time and work through each activity. It is best to do one activity per day. Do the activity and then take some additional time afterwards to reflect on that activity and solidify it’s lesson.

Take this seriously and spend the necessary time to build out the proper foundation so that you can be successful.