The Time and Money Problem

Real Estate is classically know as Passive Income. Here’s a little about what Passive Income means and how it can work for you:

The easy understanding of Passive Income is that it is something that generates income without your active involvement. We dive deeper into this in the course but essentially the process is very simple. KISS! Simplicity is always the best, and the most profitable!

The simplicity is as follows:

  1. Do some upfront work. For the passive investor this means getting educated and then casting a vision to organize the deal and setting your team to work.
  2. Check In. Make sure the project is on track and going as planned.
  3. Finalize. Button everything up and set it on auto-pilot.
  4. Manage with little time and Profit!

The beauty of Real Estate is that we don’t have to overcomplicate it and that allows us to win our time back.