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Rent House Millionaire Boot Camp: Fort Worth

Smokestack 1948

2836 Stanley Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Kyle O'Keefe

Real Estate Investor Coach

Kyle is the founder and Head Investor Coach for Rent House Millionaire.  Having “retired” with real estate at 38 years old in 2014, Coach Kyle is now ready to open up his entire business system to you and share how you can copy his real estate investing success.

Course Description

Starting out as a real estate investor can sometimes feel like a lost cause.  Where do you start?  How do you find deals?  I think I found a good deal, but is it really a good deal?

It can be very stressful because we are not talking about a few bucks here – we are talking about thousands of dollars, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars!  And when you’re playing with that kind of money even little mistakes can cost you big.

RHM Bootcamps are condensed training sessions that take you from real-estate investing sidelines to game action beginning with Rent House Millionaire’s Road Map to Financial Freedom with Real Estate. We use real estate investing as an income vehicle to get us where we want to go.  And this course tells you exactly how we’ve done it – we show you the way!


Amazing Course

I went from zero real estate investing experience to flipping three houses and two rentals within 18 months.  

Jason Claybrook

Course Details

Course Schedule

Friday February 25th. 5:30-8pm Saturday February 26th 9am - 5:30PM

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Course Level

Beginner Boot Camp

Course Schedule

Friday February 25th.
  • 5:30pm  Introduction and VIP happy hour for registered members
  • 6:30-8pm  Dinner and Networking
Saturday February 26th
  • 9am – 11am Morning Education and Coaching
  • (Lunch NOT provided)
  • 1pm – 5pm Afternoon Education and Coaching
  • 5 – 5:30  Closing and Social
Location:   Smokestack 1948
2836 Stanley Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110


Key Features

A Trusted Advisor and Coach

This writing serves to express support of a knowledgeable, well-respected, man of integrity with whom I've had the pleasure to work with over the course of about 9 years in my banking career... worked on numerous projects together... and all these have performed at or above expectation. In his 20+ years in the real estate business, he has become a mentor to various new investors and has cultivated programs to help beginners in real estate make informed decisions in their investing endeavors. Kyle has proven his ability to be a success in the real estate market...
Hogan Page
Senior Vice President - First National Bank
I am blessed and thankful for the counsel, time, and assistance you've provided me these past few years. I'm far from where I want to be with my real estate, yet do have a good start. Kids and unexpected expenses seem to frequently get in the way. Yet, my equity position in the three properties I currently have are better than I was doing in my 401K and are better tax advantaged - and that only took a few years! In retrospect, I should've transitioned to Real Estate earlier.
Dennis McQueen
Austin, TX

Dream Big. And Get Your Shoes Dirty.

See the whole picture.
Learn the strategies, habits, routines and mindsets of how to become a successful residential real estate investment professional.