$30,000 Per Month in Rents!

There is nothing that has changed my financial life more than Passive Income!

It has given me time to chase my true passions, get to know myself and my family, be a great provider, be present when I’m present, travel and create memories, give my kids the opportunity of a great education (schools!), and honestly I’m just a nicer person when I’m not worrying about money.

On February 7, 2014 we did a big transaction that allowed my Passive Income to exceed my expenses. Three days later my wife and I flew to the Bahamas to celebrate! Shortly after, I quit my “day job” and started full-time real estate investing at 38 years old. And I haven’t looked back since.

For years I had intentionally worked to build a personal portfolio of income producing real estate. It paid off!

By 2014 I was collecting well over $20,000 per month in rents.

And by 2019 I was collecting over $30,000 in rents each and every month!

All this while only spending a couple hours a week to manage the houses!!!

I had won my time back and was finally, for the first time ever, I was in control of my finances and in control of my life.

My biggest lesson is that:


Image Notes: Cozy Services is an online payment system I was using at the time for my tenants to pay rent. In the course I show you exactly how to set it up and what we are doing now.