Main Ideas to Action Introduction

Welcome to Rent House Millionaire

Gonna go a little fast here to start here and jump right in.

Not gonna beat around the bush because I want to have this course be valuable to you right away.  Plus, throughout this course I’m not going to hide anything either.  I hope to be effective and get you moving fast!  

I will be opening up my entire business so that you can see exactly how I do it.  There will be many parts that all you have to do is simply copy it.  That is the idea behind every coach.  I show you how to do it and then set you loose to make it happen.  I set out technical and tactical strategy for you to learn, practice, and then implement.

For this section, although it is very valuable and filled with high level strategic content, it is just a teaser.  This is me being as honest and up front with you as possible.  This section is a glimpse into what the layout and workflow of the course will look like.

This is a chance for you to see if the course is the right fit for you.  I will be the first to say that this course is not for everyone.  This course is designed to Save 100,000 Hotshots!  So if you’re a Hotshot – get ready cause here we go!!  But if you get in and go through the lessons, and decide that this course is not for you, no problem.  Enjoy the information and go find the coach that can accelerate your path to financial freedom.  Regardless, never stop in your pursuit towards your financial dreams and goals.  You are here for a reason.  Don’t be fooled in thinking that you’re just window shopping.  Seize the opportunity and take action – whether it is with this course or not!


Gonna keep it real simple and high level principles.  We will do this throughout Phase 1.  Phase 1 is designed to get you to Action and buying deals and making money.  Phase 1 is a 10,000 foot view with key principals and major action.  It is not just theory, but rather processes and strategies.  This is my business in action spelled out for you to copy.

Phase 1 specifically is deals 1-7.  In Phase 1 we focus on growing a personal income producing real estate portfolio.  We start at “zero” and grow it into a multimillion $ business.  We start with 1 deal anchored by Cashflow, and then rinse and repeat…


Phase 1 = Cashflow.


So Basically here’s what we got to start out with –


This section is going to look at:  Main Ideas to Action

Our first look is at what I call The Big 3.  This is where we need to focus our attention to start.  It becomes the core foundation which we build our business upon.


1. The Deal

2. The Financing

3. The Strategy

(This is so easy that my 16 daughter connected the dots and flipped her first house in 2020 and made a Big Profit!)