Main Ideas to Action Intro Coaching: Permission


When we venture out into something new that is a big change for us it is scary.  It’s scary because we rarely know much about the subject – from the necessary first steps, to the actual “how to” process, or the eventual end result.  We don’t know if we will fail miserably and lose precious time and money, or make millions and retire early, freeing up time to find our true passions.  So when we look forward and try to speculate what the future looks like we often find doubt and fear.  This cloud of fear makes it hard to move.  It makes it hard for you to give yourself permission to try.

That’s where coaching comes in.  That’s where this course comes in.  Having a coach by your side is a complete game changer.  The good coach has walked the walk and knows what’s ahead.  The good coach can shine a light on key performance benchmarks that can burn away the fog of fear.  The good coach can give you the confidence you need to start the uncertain journey ahead. The good coach arms and equips you with the knowledge, tools, and process that you need to be successful.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is more to it than that.  I can coach you and give you confidence and permission all day long.  I can show you how I started building my real estate portfolio in 2002, I can show you the mistakes I’ve made along the way so you can avoid them, I can show you how I effectively retired at 38 years old, and I can show you how I run my Phase 3 Real Estate business now having made millions in real estate – and I will!! – that’s what this course is all about!   I can give you all this and equip you with the necessary structure and information that you need to succeed, but none of that will matter if you can’t see this journey as valuable for you and/or your family. You have to be the one to say it’s ok. You have to be the one to take all the information and decide if it’s worth it for you. You have to be the one who says that it worked for them and it can work for me too. Ultimately, you have to be the one to give yourself permission to try.

This internal permission is the tricky one.  In my experience, when evaluating decision making and looking at people who have chosen to climb out of the hole of fear and have acquired courage to take action it has typically come down to one of two things.  The first is that you’ve hit rock bottom and you’ve got nothing to lose or you see the inevitability of a future that scares the heck out of you.  The fear and anguish forces action as you run from your circumstance.  Or  secondly you come see and Believe.  You see a path that makes sense and works. It is normally something that must be shown to you. This belief will allow you to run to that new future with hope.

I relate very very personally to both.  I understand the first option of running from fear because I’ve been there many times.  I understand the fear of looking at a bleak future and fearing what tomorrow will be. I understand running out of money and past due bills. I understand my friends and neighbors seemingly having it easy and working 14+ hour days. I understand running from fear! And so I still constantly run, figuratively and literally, but I choose which ones I pay attention to. For me, I fear for my future health.  I exercise because I know how easily I could enjoy sitting around and eating donut holes all day long  and really love it.  I know what that would do to my body, and my awareness of my own personal sweet tooth keeps me working out everyday. I literally run from that fear.

As powerful as fear forcing me into Action is for me, I know the second option is even more powerful.  I know that having a clear path that I can Believe in is a better motivator for me than the stick.  (Carrot and stick metaphor).  I like the positive motivational factor of a clear line of site leading me forward.  I love the confidence that comes along with that clear vision. It allows me to be intentional — Step by step with confidence!

My hopes and efforts will be to create this clarity in real estate investing that you can Believe in.  I don’t by any means want to minimize or take away anyones dire circumstance that you may be running from.  When I was starting out I ran from plenty as I mentioned before.  I had lots of fears that got me up off the couch and into action.  And it worked!  But the real progress, the millions $$$, came with permission to look forward to opportunity, clearly understanding and knowing what I was getting into.  

Please understand how these 2 things are both valuable but different.  Fear causes you to look down at your feet and all the obstacles of your current life, or in the rear view mirror with anguish about past events.  Looking down or back stops forward motion – or at the very least makes it very dangerous going forward.

Having someone on your team to show you the ropes and coach you changes everything. It allows you to look into the future, not the past, and formulate a strategic and intentional action plan.  You get to look up with coaching! You get to look forward and see where you’re going.

Look forward!  The information, tools, and strategy will extinguish your fears of growing a cashflowing real estate machine.  Arm yourself with the process from case studies that prove how it actually works.  Work your way through the education, deals, strategy, and techniques that are proven winners, time and again, and copy them.  Learn to see the opportunities clearly and understand their potential outcomes.  The opportunity is there, it just takes some training to see it.  Eyes up and move forward with your life… with purpose and intentionality.

With certainty comes from clarity.

Permission follow shortly thereafter.

BONUS: Here’s a look at a little snippet video of some of our students and team doing deals and Winning!