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Real Estate Investor Education, Strategy, Case Studies, and more.

Financial Freedom Map

Exclusive step-by-step Roadmap to Achieving Financial Freedom.

Business Development

Complete Real Estate Business System from Start to Profit!

This Real Estate course can CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Real Estate can Change Your Life!

I know this because it changed mine.  Real estate has allowed me to:

  • Reach financial freedom at 38 years old in 2014
  • $1 Million payday in March 2020
  • Pay Bills
  • Control my TIME
  • Provide for my FAMILY
  • Travel!  I love to travel!
  • And much much more!

The Strategy is simple and we make it Fast & Easy!

CASH from Flip Houses!   CASHFLOW from Rentals!

About Rent House MILLIONAIRE

I’m pulling back the curtains on my business to teach exactly how I make Money with Real Estate. With 20 years of Real Estate Investing experience and after 2 years of private coaching, consulting, and bootcamps – I’ve finally put together the Online Real Estate Investor Class.  I can’t wait to change people’s financial future with Real Estate !

Tired of Searching YouTube ?!


YouTube is great, BUT!!!  Be Careful…the YouTube video search of Real Estate Investing has some BIG things to consider:

  • 1,000’s of voices, opinions, and strategies leading you in every direction.
  • No single message from start to finish.
  • Bouncing around looking for videos but no plan.
  • Not knowing what terms mean and how to use them.
  • Lots of topics that might not fit your target investment strategy.
  • The bottomless YouTube video trap of never ending videos leading to analysis paralysis.
  • No Real Plan to actually buy deals.

All in ONE Place

Our class shortens the runway and gets you into deals!
  • Niches to Riches – our lessons stay focused on SFR Rentals.
  • No wasted time Searching, scrolling, and wondering what’s next.
  • Very Linear Plan that puts you on the next lesson, step-by-step.
  • A Proven path and plan to buy deals.
  • Specific plan to start Fast & Easy often with little to No money down.
  • Strategic Growth Plan to get you to Financial Freedom!

Our Real Estate Investor Classes


Rent House Millionaire PHASE 1 Online Course

Online Course. Begin here to learn Residential Real Estate Investing

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FREE Preview

FREE Preview to Rent House MILLIONAIRE. Try the class and see how it works and if it's right for you!

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We completely believe in Real Estate Investing and the power of the content to change your financial future.  To make your purchasing decision easier, if you are not Completely Satisfied with the program for any reason, simply contact us within 14 days of purchase for a Full Refund – No Questions Asked.

As Seen On

It's ALL Included in the Course

What Makes RHM Different

FAST & EASY System

Fast and Easy Home Buying system with NO Money Down Strategies

Strategic Growth Map

Exclusive Strategic Growth Map to take you step-by-step to Financial Freedom


This is more than just buying your first deal. It's Forward thinking to Financial Freedom.

It's TIME to DREAM BIG and Get your shoes dirty!  Anyone can do this!!

Professional Real Estate Investor Training

Guided Three Phase Plan to Building Wealth and Passive Income with Real Estate. We Teach You Every Step Along the Way.

RHM Pre-Map
Proven Roadmap to Residential Real-Estate Investment Success

Starting out in Real Estate Investing is fun, and a little overwhelming.  Phase 1 is the Educational Foundation needed to get started right.  It focuses on Cashflow and Strategies for securing great deals FAST and EASY.  This is where we layout an intentional and detailed plan for building a personal portfolio of income producing real estate.

Phase 2 is all about massive Growth.  After working your way through Phase 1 you are now a seasoned real estate investor.  In Phase 2 we get lean and mean and provide solutions and strategies for exponential growth. 

Phase 3 is all about Fun!  In Phase 3 we get to explore our Passions and find out what we really want in life.  Phase 3 examines continued growth potential and new opportunities.  We evaluate new found freedoms and explore ways to add a “no work” real estate position to your portfolio.

The Real Estate Lifestyle! Where Your Dreams Come True...

What Our Students Have to Say

Rent House Millionaire (RHM) really simplified how to use rental homes to generate additional income. We also learned the process for how to find, rehab, rent, and manage houses successfully. Now my wife and I are currently rehabbing our first home and it’s only been a couple of weeks since we finished the program!
Mario A
Mario and Ana A.
From Fort Worth, TX
As a busy high-tech sales and marketing executive, I was looking for a way to diversify my invesetment portfolio from equities into residential real-estate. I did not have the time to teach myself the fundaments so when a trusted EMBA classmate introduced me to Kyle, I decided to listen. I was immediately impressed with Kyle's candor and character. I have been impressed with Kyle's disciplined residential real-estate investing approach and methodology...Within 90 days of beginning the program I was able to purchase my first investment property. I have learned how to source, finance, renovate and rent/sell properties. Most important, I feel I have a trusted mentor I can rely on. I recommend you check out Kyle's program.
John D'Annunzio
John D.
Allen, Texas
As a small business owner we are always at work and while we love our clients and our business we needed to diversify our income stream for retirement. While going through RHM we have shifted strategies to look at more than just diversity in our income - now we have a roadmap to put time back into our lives without working around the clock. Within the first 12 months of taking my first RHM course I have acquired four investment properties and accelerated my plan to own my calendar for the first time in my life.
Jason C.
Dallas, Texas
Kyle’s class transformed my way of thinking about Real Estate investing. He offers sound advice and concrete steps on how to reach your REI goals and dreams. Successful, motivating, and relatable... Kyle is the real deal!
Austin T.
Keller, TX

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