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Frequently Asked Questions

The courses are designed into 3 phases, and then supplemental classes and opportunities.  It is best to start with Phase 1 and work your way through the classes in order.

Yes you can just sign up for the Destination Bootcamp without signing up for a course.  The Phase 1 Destination Bootcamp is a whirlwind, live in-person education and training weekend.  The information is condensed and jam packed into just a couple of days.  The online course goes into further detail and is good to also to refer to, but it is not necessary to do both.

Rent House Millionaire (RHM) is made for anyone.  Anyone can take the class and learn about real estate investing.  RHM teaches a “keep your cash” real estate investing method that is similar to a no money down program so really anyone can benefit.  But we have found that the courses are best for people with who are currently employed and looking to get into real estate as an additional source of income for whatever reason – whether that be wanting extra cash for a new car or to put a kid through college, wanting more time, wanting to retire early, etc.

Our mission is to SAVE 100,000 employees from the imprisonment of your bills!

This will depend on you as an individual or team.  Some people will get enough info and jump right into their first deal after just a few sessions, and then refer back to the course as a new phase of the deal comes up.  Others may want to finish the entire course and then get started.  So it could be anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months or longer.  Either way, all the information is there and ready for you to start learning.

The initial purchase gives you access to the course for 1 year or until your account is closed.