7 Real Estate Lessons

7 Real Estate Lessons

In my late 20’s I was #moneymotivated!  Mostly I dreamed of living the good life, but honestly didn’t really know what that meant.  I thought it meant fancy cars and stuff, lots and lots of stuff!

Needing/wanting more money isn’t a bad thing.  There is a lot of good you can do!  But it does come with some consequences.

I worked multiple jobs to try to get ahead and ended up spending ALL my Time working.  I quickly realized this was NOT the good life I had in mind and that I needed a better, smarter way to make Money.  I needed my life back outside of just working a job.  I needed a solution to the time and money problem.

Real Estate investing was my answer.

7 things I learned:

  1. Life takes #money
  2. #time is the most precious asset
  3. Passive Income changed my life 🚀
  4. Never stop learning
  5. Real estate investing is a marathon where time is on your side, but you be in the game
  6. I’d do it all over again 100% no questions asked!  Just better and faster at startup!
  7. I would have started earlier.  The best time to invest in real estate was yesterday!

Bonus: Wholesaling… Full disclosure, I wholesale deals as a part of my business.  I’ve probably lost $Millions wholesaling off good deals 🤦‍♂️ and lost out on the big benefits of real estate. Real estate done properly earns in 5+ different ways.  Wholesaling doesn’t.