rental boom

Is There a Rental Boom Coming?

Real Estate has been hot! Flipping houses and raking in cash has been fun.  But those good times may be slowly fading and it’s time to move from cash to cashflow.  So now what? Is there a rental boom coming??

Flip House = Cash

Rental = Cashflow

Cashflow is King!

It’s been a fantastic 2 years of buying and selling houses.  The age of wholesalers ushered in great buying opportunities from people ready to unload their houses cheap.  A little rehab and throw the deal back onto the market to a pool of hungry buyers.

The seller’s market did what seller’s markets do and prices skyrocketed.  But the economy is changing and the shift has happened.  

As buyers head back to the sidelines, rentals will see a surge in demand.

Here’s some great news for rent houses and Rent rates which should trend up:

  • High home prices are a magnet for rental pricing.  It lags, but it catches up rather quickly.
  • Rentals work opposite of the seller market.  When people aren’t buying, they are renting.

Here’s some things to consider:

  • Covid is still fresh in everyone’s mind.  Does a house have better appeal than an apartment?  Young people might be trending to houses and if you can’t buy it, they will rent it…  Click here for more info.
  • Check and double check your rental numbers.
  • Find the deals that work now.  Waiting for the next wave means you’re treading water.  The shift is here and we need to be surfing now.

Are you ready to take advantage of this big boom?  This is the best time for real estate investors to grow wealth.  Are you in, or are you gonna miss out?!


Link: cnbc “Millennials and Gen Zers do want to buy homes—they just can’t afford it, even as adults”