american dream is

The American Dream Is…

To me, the American Dream is simple and hard.  Now it would seem like these two words shouldn’t go together, and when they do it’s probably not a good thing.  But in reality, they are a perfect match and that’s what makes it so perfect.  

I know you’re wishing I had said simple and easy and you’re possibly contemplating not reading anymore.  Don’t give up yet, there is some simple and easy in the story – well fast and easy anyways.

So why simple and hard, what’s with that?  The reality is, is that the American Dream is simple.  It’s a simple idea based on freedom.  It’s a simple idea based on opportunity.  It’s a simple idea that your past doesn’t matter, that no matter your position in life that in the Land of Opportunity you become successful.  

But it’s hard.  It’s hard work.  And this is the key on how the two go together.  It’s simple and hard.  It requires effort, lots and lots of effort.  The American Dream cannot be given to you, it has to be earned.  Even lottery winners go broke.

It’s good that it’s hard.  It’s good that it takes work.  It’s good that you will have to try and learn, and try and learn some more, again and again.  If it didn’t take lots of work then everyone would do it.  Then it wouldn’t be a result, it would be a right.  To quote Syndrome in The Incredibles movie, “And when everyone’s super, no one will be.”

It is not an entitlement and not everyone will achieve it.  But make no mistake it is available for all, at any time.  It’s hard, yes.  But hard work works and if hard work works, then…

The American Dream is not an exclusive membership, but it is an elusive result.  Most importantly, it is a result.  It is a definable outcome with a million relative meanings.   All possible, and all achievable.  It requires effort and courage.  It requires a sensible plan and a Big Dream.   Can you define your American Dream?  

If it’s a definable result, then there is a definable process for that outcome.  This is the magic.  This is the simplicity.  There is a plan to achieve the American Dream.  It’s hard work, and this scares a lot of people away,  but if it is just a result, then there is a way.  There is learning, training, steps, methods, tips, and tricks available to get to that result.  

There are those that have gone before you and proven the process.  Their result encourages our efforts.  If they can do it, you can too.  They lead the way and we can follow in their footsteps.  They can make the process Fast and Easy for us.  And they can make the result predictable. 

Imagine that, a predictable American Dream…

To me the American Dream is:

  • achievable
  • available to all
  • hard
  • easy
  • predictable
  • and totally worth it!