What is happening to Rent Prices?!

On the heels of massive appreciation in home values and skyrocketing home sales prices, it’s no surprise that rent prices are going up too.  It should also be no surprise that real estate investors are set to cash in on this and the next real estate boom!

As buyers exit the market and return to renting, what is going to happen to rent prices?

Just like we had a sharp increase in home prices over the last 2 years, we should have a sharp increase in rent prices and we are already seeing it on our end.  This is a normal cycle of rents catching up to high home prices as home buyers leave the market.  High home prices are often a magnet for rent prices, pulling them up.  Additionally, increased demand in the rental market keeps prices competitive and allows landlords to push those higher rates.

Simply put, rent prices are rising and will keep rising.  This next real estate boom is going to be a massive opportunity to grow wealth for those who know what to look for.  Here’s a couple of key variables to consider with learning about wealth with real estate:

  • Know how real estate makes you money!
  • Know how to maximize real estate profits!
  • Know your Big 3 of real estate investing: the deal, the money, the strategy!
  • Make it Fast and Easy!

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